Henderson School

For the seismic upgrade of Henderson Elementary School, we provided structural engineering services in collaboration with John A. Wallace Engineering. Work included a Seismic Project Identification Report, structural seismic upgrade drawings, and construction phase services. The school is a two-storey building on a sloping site. It was originally built with a wood-frame upper storey over a lower storey comprised of concrete retaining walls, load-bearing stack pattern masonry walls and steel/glulam post and beams. We developed a cost-effective seismic upgrade scheme that significantly reduced potential impact to the school by introducing new shearwalls and drag struts throughout the building, while minimizing the retrofit of existing diaphragms. The diverse range of construction materials used in the lower floor of the school needed the use of an equally diverse range of  retrofit solutions, including reinforced concrete masonry, steel cross braces and plywood shearwalls.  We worked closely with the other team members of the design team, construction manager, and school to ensure a timely completion with consideration to the sensitive school work environment.