We were responsible for both the structural and architectural design of the Huu-ay-aht Health and Administration Centre. This partial two-storey building was built on the side of a hill with views of the beach and ocean to the south and east. The building is C-shaped and was segmented for ease of construction and to save in costs. It has full height double storey windows in the atrium for two thirds of the curved south wall complimented by the glulam column and radial cantilever beams. Outside of this atrium space there is a steel and timber walkway which is cantilevered off the building and cantilevered steel ribs at the south east corner by use of a concrete beam. At the westerly entrance, the roof trusses cantilever 8 m to create a feature tapered canopy over the doors and gathering space. The high seismic forces in this area made the building design quite challenging however, all challenges were met with innovative structural solutions.