Yukon Seismic

We carried out detailed structural and non-structural seismic assessments for eight Yukon schools’ structural systems using BC’s state-of-the-art Seismic Retrofit Guidelines (SRG2). We encountered two unique challenges; firstly SRG2 was developed for use in BC and was not directly applicable to use in the Yukon in its current state. Secondly, there were changes anticipated to the seismic hazard design data for the 2015 National Building Code of Canada for the Yukon school locations being assessed. We worked closely with UBC developing a methodology where SRG2 could be applied in the Yukon while capturing the anticipated hazard changes in the upcoming Building Code. Work involved the review of available documents and drawings; detailed review of each school, structural analysis on the schools’ structural systems; and a detailed report summarizing conclusions and recommendations to move forward. We used SRG2 to provide Risk Ratings and completed cost estimates for seismic upgrading construction.