SIZE: 3600m² (38,750ft²)
CLIENT: Skidegate Band Council



Haida Cultural Centre at Kaay’llnagaay

Skidegate, BC

As visitors enter the Haida Cultural Centre, they pass through a coastal rainforest into a glass clad six beam welcome house affording panoramic views of the sky, sea and land of Haida Gwaii (the land of the people). The culture of the Haida is intrinsically linked to the natural world. The Cultural Centre is designed to give visitors constant and ever-changing glimpses of the surrounding environment. The new Cultural Centre references Haida traditions of longhouses and totem poles, and has the overall appearance of a traditional village. The Cultural Centre includes a welcome space, museum, restaurant, performance space, canoe shed, artists workshops, the Bill Reid Teaching Centre, a carving shed and the Gwaii Haanas offices.