VALUE: $ 5,200,000
CLIENT: Bonaparte Indian Band


Bonaparte IR3 Water System Improvements

Cache Creek, BC

The Bonaparte Indian Band hired DNA to assist in upgrading their community water system on their largest populated reserve, Bonaparte IR3. This community is located approximately 3 km north of Cache Creek, BC in an arid region of the province.

At the time that DNA started working with the Bonaparte Indian Band, their water system on Bonaparte IR3 did not provide treated water, did not provide adequate fire protection, and was in constant need of emergency repairs. Having treated drinking water, improving fire protection capabilities, caring for livestock, and unique soil conditions, were some of the design elements that needed to be considered when developing an appropriate and cost-effective solution to meet the needs of this community.

DNA worked with the Bonaparte Indian Band to secure funding to complete a feasibility study to assess different treatment technologies and the possible connection to a neighbouring community that recently upgraded their water system. Following the completion of this feasibility study, DNA assisted the Bonaparte Indian Band to secure funding to complete the design and construction of the waterworks improvements for Bonaparte IR3.

The Bonaparte IR3 water system improvements consisted of the installation of two new water wells, construction of a new 540 m3 insulated steel reservoir and access road, and the construction of a treatment building. The treatment system included iron and manganese removal and disinfection. DNA continued to support the Bonaparte Indian Band after the construction was complete, by monitoring the performance of the system and by providing training support to the Bonaparte water system operators.

DNA is currently working with the Bonaparte Indian Band on another water improvement project for two smaller populated reserves.