Halfway River Housing + Population Needs Assessment

Client: Halfway River First Nation
Wonowon, BC
Completion Date: June 2019

Halfway River Housing + Population Needs Assessment

The Halfway River First Nation Housing Needs Assessment contains data on population, housing and lots needs. It includes:

  • Review of existing housing information including housing policy, housing waiting list, CCP and other reports;
  • Compilation of current community population data;
  • Creation of community population projections based on growth and in-migration;
  • Development of an existing community housing profile; and,
  • Estimated housing needs based on replacement, overcrowding, in-migration and new household formation.

DNA worked with a Halfway River members to undertake a Housing and Population Inventory to build capacity in the community and to gain a better understanding of the demographics and housing stock in the community.

The Housing Plan included a Lot, Renovation and Housing Construction Plan (as well as a Financial Plan and Funding Plan) to guide housing development in the community for the next 10 years.

The project included a well-attended community meeting to discuss opportunities for future housing, including housing types and locations for new residential development.

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