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DNA is an award winning multidisciplinary consulting firm providing planning, architecture and civil and structural engineering and project management services throughout Canada.

Our innovative team of multidisciplinary professionals is exceptionally focused on the success of our clients. It is our continued dedication and commitment to our clients’ projects that enables us to deliver creative, tailored and sustainable solutions. The success of the company is founded on longterm, trusting relationships earned over many years of successful planning, architecture, project management, civil and structural engineering projects. The diversity of our clientele includes Federal, Provincial, Territorial, and Indigenous Governments, communities, private sector developers and individuals.


UBC Reconciliation Pole

In 2017, DNA's Structural Engineering Team designed and installed a concrete base for The Reconciliation Pole at the University of British Columbia. The pole, carved by Haida master carver 7idansuu James Hart, represents the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada before, during, and after the era of residential schools. The video below depicts footage from the pole-raising ceremony:

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