Yale Water System Upgrades

Client: Yale First Nation
Yale, BC
Completion Date: 2017

Yale First Nation IR1, IR8 & IR9 Water System Upgrades

Yale First Nation hired DNA to upgrade the water systems in three of their communities: Yale Town IR1, Stullawheets IR8, and Lukseetsissum IR9.

Another engineering company completed a Feasibility Study to investigate options to upgrade the three water systems to provide water treatment and fire protection to these three communities.  Unfortunately, the project seemed to “stall-out” after the initial investigations were completed.  Yale First Nation Chief and Council became increasingly concerned about the potential health and safety risks their community members were exposed to by consuming untreated drinking water and not having adequate fire protection in these three communities.

In 2014, Yale First Nation Chief and Council approached DNA and asked us to help them get their water project back on track. DNA was pleased to work alongside a dedicated administration team in Yale First Nation to prepare a funding submission and secure funding from Indigenous Services Canada to complete the Design and Construction of these three water systems.  The water system upgrades included constructing three water treatment buildings, installing water supply mains, and installing fire hydrants in two of the three communities.  Unfortunately, one of the reserves did not qualify for fire protection funding due to the low population.  However, DNA is continuing to work with Yale First Nation to identify funding opportunities to provide this community with fire protection as the community starts to build new housing on this reserve.

As part of the water project, DNA aided in negotiating a service agreement to connect to an existing water system in a neighbouring community.  Part of the negotiations included negotiating a water rate and installing a water meter at the reserve boundary. Yale First Nation pays the neighbouring community to provide treated water based on the quantity of water they consume.

After completing the water project, DNA has continued to provide technical support to Yale First Nation.  This support includes identifying and preparing funding applications for other high-priority projects for their membership.  DNA is currently working on the following projects with Yale First Nation: the design of a roads and drainage improvements project, a feasibility study for a new subdivision, a physical development plan, and the construction of a multi-use building that includes a health centre.

DNA is honoured to be part of the team working together to rebuild and strengthen Yale First Nation’s communities.

It’s in our DNA… Engagement. Respect. Expertise.