Lake Cowichan First Nation Tourism Business Plan

Client: Lake Cowichan First Nation
Lake Cowichan, BC
Completion Date: March 2018

Lake Cowichan First Nation Tourism Business Plan

After the completion of their Community Plan, the Lake Cowichan First Nation (LCFN) worked with DNA in undertaking a Highest and Best Use Study to identify key future uses of their lakefront lands. The Highest and Best Use Study identified potential market housing opportunities as well as strategic tourism development opportunities.  This project was followed by a Tourism Business Plan to explore the lakeside opportunities in more detail.

The Tourism Business Plan identified a variety of cultural experiences, including interpretive canoe tours in First Nation-style canoes, feasting and dance performances. The Business Plan included the capital and operating costs for short to midterm business opportunities as well as a phased implementation plan.

Future identified development opportunities include:

  • First Nations Interpretive Centre
  • Visitor Kiosk
  • Food services, including café and themed BBQ

LCFN is currently in the process of implementing phases of the Business Plan.

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