Prophet River School

Location: Prophet River, BC

Brief Stats

Completion Date: 2016
Client: Prophet River First Nation
Size: 709m² (7,630 ft²)

Prophet River School

The Prophet River School is organized on a central axis or ‘interior street’ which encourages social interaction and connectivity. The street spans from the multipurpose gathering area at the school entry to the west and to a library and flexible teaching space to the east. Four distinct classroom areas are orientated to the south maximizing natural lighting and views. Generous overhangs create shelter and covered play space from the often harsh exterior elements.

A snow safe roof was a key driver for the building form. The roof is designed to hold snow, resembling a simple shed roof with parapets running south-north, a butterfly twist on the north side leads the roof to drain ornately to one central point.

The school is located next to the Prophet River Multiplex and opened in September 2016.

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