Xwísten Economic Development Strategy

Client: Xwísten First Nation
Lillooet, BC
Completion Date: 2004

Xwísten Economic Development Strategy

The Economic Development Strategy guides economic development for the Xwísten First Nation in Lillooet, BC.  Strategic Goals for the project include:

  • enhancing existing opportunities and building on current strengths
  • diversifying the local economy from traditional sectors by pursuing opportunities in the tourism and service sectors
  • developing support for economic development and local entrepreneurs
  • building strategic linkages and partnerships with other organizations

Projects identified through the Economic Development Strategy were organized into four categories:

  • Xwísten Resources – projects that relate to Xwísten’s current and future resource activities
  • Xwísten Experience – projects that promote cultural experiences in the Xwisten area, eventually leading to the development of a cultural interpretive centre
  • Xwísten Lodgings – projects that will eventually lead to the development of a lodge
  • Xwísten Foods – development of organic and forest-based food products and sale of wild salmon

Since completion of the Strategy, Xwísten has been actively working on implementing the Xwísten Experience projects.  We were further engaged by Xwísten to with them to create interpretive experience on their cultural sites and explore the feasibility of a pithouse interpretive centre.

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